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Team building

We offer dynamic, fun, and engaging team building sessions. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment to strengthen team dynamics and foster collaboration while building strong bonds and achieving common objectives.


Our sessions include collaborative activities, problem-solving tasks, and competitive games. Through these interactive experiences, teams are challenged to communicate, strategise, and work together to promote effective teamwork and build relationships.


Team building sessions can be held online or face-to-face, include up to 50 participants, and can range from a 90-minute single session to a half-day event. Here are some examples of activities we offer in our sessions:

Desert Island Dilemma

collaborative activity designed to promote teamwork and problem solving skills like making and listening to suggestions, and negotiation. Participants work in groups to decide which items would be best for survival on a desert island. 

Quiz/Treasure Hunt

fun, competitive activity which involves participants working together in teams to answer questions or complete challenges. The rounds are varied and involve a variety of areas of knowledge, and can also include personalised questions.

Human Bingo

A focus on relaxed socialising in English where participants mingle and talk to everyone. Participants complete a bingo grid by asking questions and finding out information about each other and things in common. The questions can be general or personalised to include specific information about your team.


“Our Human Bingo team building event was really fun! As a start-up, our team is fast-growing and so it was a great opportunity to get to know each other in a structured but also relaxed atmosphere. The feedback from all the participants was positive - a recommended experience for your team!”

Laia, Social Media Marketing (Barcelona)

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