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2 students

2 x 30 mins / week

Our recommended option for maximum results in speaking and fluency.  Designed to stimulate natural and engaging communicative interactions, with a focus on language and correction to cultivate a memorable and expansive learning experience.


2-6 students

2 x 1 hour / week

Effective general and business English course designed to boost your level in all areas (speaking, listening, writing and reading) with engaging, practical and relevant materials - always with a strong focus on interactive communication with classmates.


1 student

1-3 hours / week

A personalised course to focus on your specific needs, work on your weaknesses and develop the areas you want to improve most, with maximum participation time each class and specific feedback from your teacher.


1-6 students

Customised to your needs

Tell us your needs and objectives, and we’ll design a course to meet them, specific to your sector, daily tasks and areas you need to improve on fast. Be it giving presentations, client negotiations, or an upcoming business event, we’re here to help.

All our courses are designed to take place online using Zoom, saving you time and making classes as comfortable as possible with minimal disruptions to your working day. Face-to-face classes in your place of work are also possible. 


Any questions?

Unsure which course is best for you?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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“Organising our Business English course was much easier than I had expected. Suzy stands out as a very competent, approachable, organised and communicative professional. She listened to our needs and transformed them into a useful and motivating course for my team. The organising body took care of all the paperwork for Fundae so that the course was funded; a huge advantage for us. Of all the different English academies in Barcelona, I would recommend English Boost without doubt! It has been a pleasure, and we’ll do it again!”

Alba, Head of People (HR), Social Media Marketing (Barcelona)


We offer English classes subsidised by Fundae. We help you access your credit, which is discounted from social security contributions and could cover up to 100% of the course cost, depending on the size of your company.



What is the maximum amount of funding I can access?

Your funding amount and percentage depends on the size of your company. You can calculate your credit by using this simulator


When can I access the Fundae funding for my subsidised English classes?

The funding is annual, from January to December. It renews at the beginning of every year.


Is there a minimum attendance requirement?

Yes, students must be present for a minimum of 75% of the classes in order to access the funding. 


Does it make a difference if the classes are face-to-face or via video conference?

No, for face-to-face and synchronous learning in an online classroom, the funding is the same. 


How much funding does the company receive per student?

The basic rate for a basic level course is 9 euros per student per hour. For higher levels, this amount increases to 13 euros per student per hour.


I’m in! What’s next?

First, if you don’t already know it, calculate the allocated training amount for your company and then contact us so we can find the best way for you to use it. We work with an organising entity who will take care of all the administration and make the process as smooth as possible. 


More info about Fundae subsidised courses: 

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