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'Let's kick things off!' 10 Useful Phrases for Online Meetings & Video Calls

So much business is conducted in online meetings or video calls in English these days that it’s key to be prepared and have the necessary language to communicate clearly, and keep the conversation moving in the right direction.

You may also have the added issue of technical problems, which can affect the sound quality or cause disruptions, breaking the flow and making for very awkward communication.

So whether you’re having a formal meeting with clients, an informal meeting with work colleagues, or giving a presentation online, here is some useful language and phrases to help make you sound like a pro!

Starting a Call

Inviting Questions or Avoiding Interruptions

Asking for Clarification


Ending a call

Hopefully, you’ve found these phrases helpful and can use them in your next online meeting or video call. Write them out, make amendments so they are more personalised to your role and daily tasks, and then practise using them whenever you can!

Your English Boost starts here!

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