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How English Boost stands out from the crowd

There are many English learning options out there, but what makes English Boost different from the rest? Read the points below to see why we’re the best option for your English learning needs and let’s get your English Boost started!

  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers - All English Boost teachers are qualified to a masters level in English language teaching (DELTA) and have a minimum of 5 years teaching experience.

  • Custom-made learning materials - We create and design class materials to suit each client’s needs and sector to offer a personalised service with relevant, useful content.

  • Dynamic, communicative methodology - The objective is to maximise student participation through natural, engaging communicative interactions. This promotes memorable learning through meaningful student-centred practice.

  • Progression through correction - Each class contains a self-correction and reflection stage to provide a personalised learning experience through memorable and individual discovery-lead learning. Our experienced teachers are able to react to the language needs of students and provide personalised feedback with multiple opportunities to practise and expand their expression.

  • Pronunciation focus - Our classes involve a strong focus on pronunciation, which is key in improving speaking, as well as listening skills. We use a voice-recording tool which can be used out-of-class by both teachers and students to record and share recordings to further practise and improve pronunciation.

  • Classes online on Zoom - We have been using Zoom as our chosen teaching platform for 3 years. We find it the best virtual classroom for interactive, dynamic classes, where the teacher is able to facilitate learning in the most effective way possible through its tools and user-friendly interface.

  • Online tools - Materials are handled using Google Docs, which can be edited in live time during the class and also referenced outside of class time. We use Google Classroom as an additional tool to facilitate the sharing of files and materials between teachers and students. This platform encourages students to carry out extra recommended homework tasks, and also allows absent students to catch up on any missed content.

  • Different course types - We offer a range of different course types to suit your needs, from Groups, One-to-one, Tailor-made, to our most unique course type; Pairs. Our 30 minute pairs classes for two students follow a clear structure whereby the teacher first focuses on some useful language, students then carry out an interactive, meaningful speaking activity to implement the language, and finally there is a stage dedicated to feedback from the teacher where students are encouraged to correct their errors, upgrade their language and review key lexis/structures. The short class time is maximised by the fact that it is highly participative for the students, and has a clear focus. This type of course is recommended especially for B1-C2 levels. We have been teaching this format of class for 5 years and have received consistent positive feedback from students regarding participation, progress and satisfaction.

Still undecided whether English Boost is the best option for your English learning needs? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to organise a call and discuss any questions you may have. Your English Boost starts here!

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